Enchanted Oasis Rio Blanco of Yellow Rose MH “Cotton”

***QUALIFIED for 2020 Master National in St. Cloud, Minnesota***
***QUALIFIED for 2020 Master Amateur National in Corning, CA***
***Qualified for 2021 Master National in Valley County, Idaho***
***Qualified for 2021 Maste Amateur National in Corning, CA***
***Qualified for 2021 Master Amateur National in Emporia, VA***
***Qualified for 2023 Master Amateur National in Giddings, Texas***

CH HRCH Yellow Roses’ Rio Bravo MH “Rio”
Enchanted Pine Uptown Girl “Billie”
Carol A Wageley, Stephen Wageley, Molly Bogan

***Owner/Handler Qualifying…Sooner RC, Meeker, OK…3rd Place***

Cotton completed his Master Hunter title before the age of Four years old. He Qualified for both the Master National and Master Amateur during the same qualifying period.
He will soon be added to the list of “Labradors of Distinction” Multi-Titled Dogs!
Cotton is a wonderful example of an Athlete with Temperament, Trainability, Health and Structure. As a Breeder, I strive for a Loyal Companion with an “on” and “off” switch. Superior Family Dog!!!

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***Cotton x Annie***
Whelped March 30, 2024

***Cotton x Hastle***
Whelped January 1, 2024

***Cotton x Annie***
Whelped April 23, 2023

***Cotton x Dolly***
Whelped April 16, 2023

***Cotton x Summer***
Whelped February 10, 2023***

***Cotton x Dolly***
Whelped November 21, 2022***

***Cotton x Summer**

Whelped June 29, 2022

***Cotton x Samatha***

Whelped May 3, 2022

***Cotton x Polly***

Whelped April 30, 2022

***Cotton x Dolly***

Whelped May 20, 2021

***Cotton x Maggie***

Whelped May 10, 2021

***Cotton x Ryder***

Whelped April 14, 2021

***Cotton x Lu***

Whelped December 29, 2020.

***Cotton x Dolly***

Whelped November 28, 2020

***Cotton x Dixie***

Whelped April 1, 2020

***Cotton x Tate Litter***

Whelped November 16, 2019

***Cotton x Jessi Litter***

Whelped November 25, 2019

***Cotton x Primrose Litter***

Whelped August 11, 2019

***Cotton x Annie Litter***

Whelped July 21, 2019

***Cotton x Hope Litter***

Whelped Febuary 2018

***Cotton x Primrose Litter***

Whelped December 2018