Retrieving Freedom

Where Some See Limitations, We Bring Opportunities

IMG_9032Retrieving Freedom, Inc. (RFI) is a non-profit corporation that trains service dogs for placement into three main markets, Veterans, children with autism and adults and children with Diabetes.

The goal of RFI is to place and match completely trained assistance dogs with a recipient. As strong as our desire is to train the best assistance dogs, it is also to be a part of their new connection with the people that need them

RFI breeds and trains dogs with the specific traits needed for the duties of service dogs. Specialized schedules are created for each dog throughout the twenty-four months needed to train them to meet the standards that RFI sets for a successful placement. RFI’s service dogs are tailored to meet the precise needs of the person with whom they will be placed.

Who Does RFI Serve?

RFI trains and places dogs with Veterans who have combat related and non-combat disabilities to include Post Traumatic Stress.

IMG_5885RFI also trains and places assistance dogs to children with Autism.

How Can I help?

RFI needs charitable contributions in the form of monetary donations, supplies, materials, veterinary care or time.

Here are some of the ways people have helped RFI in the past:

• Helped with a local fundraising event or even hosting one.

• Provided foster care for a puppy.

• Volunteered their time and/or experience.

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